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Porthleven in Cornwall - a guide to news and events

Porthleven In Cornwall News and Events

Please email me if you have information about news and events near Porthleven in Cornwall. I offer free publicity for certain charity or fund raising events.

Porthleven in Cornwall - a guide to news and events

Porthleven In Cornwall News and Events:

Skateboarding Park Official Opening
  The official opening of the new skateboarding ramps in Porthleven was held on 18th February 2006. Click on this link Skateboarding Park to see pictures of the event.

The project was developed in response to the successful use of Kerrier District Council’s Mobile Skate Park in Porthleven. This was operated over a 5 month period, during which a lot of consultation with young people was carried out. A further consultation day was held in August 2005 to finalise plans to improve the wheeled sports provision. When the park design had been determined we set about finding funding.

The total cost of the project was £21,000. This eventually came from:
1 West Cornwall Liveability (half of total).
2 Porthleven Town Council.
3 Community Grant.
4 Mobile Skate Park Initiative.

The park was installed by GBH ramps and has been designed to be low maintenance and as rideable as possible for all ages and abilities. All ramps have been filled with special acoustic foam to reduce noise.

The official opening on 18th Feb was done by Mark Berryman, Porthleven Town Council Chairman. Through Kerrier Leisure, we then ran a competition and free skate that was a great success.

Flora Day In Helston
Flora Day in Helston is an annual event which last took place on Saturday 6th May 2006.

The shops and streets are decked with leaves and bluebells. The dances and bands proceed through the streets all day. The day is a holiday in Helston and the event attracts people from miles around. The pubs do a roaring trade!
Click on images to enlarge:

Flora Day at Helston in Cornwall Crowds watch the annual Helston Flora Day celebrations Dancing in the streets of Helson in Cornwall at the annual Flora Day

St Peterstide Celebration In Porthleven
St Peter being patron saint of fishing it is appropriate that the fishing village of Porthleven holds an annual event at the end of June to commemorate this. There is a procession around the town and harbour, led by the band. St Peters day is 29th June and the event is normally held close to this date.

Porthleven Lifeboat Day
A huge annual event in Porthleven normally held in August. This year Porthleven Lifeboat Day will be held on Sunday 6th August 2006.

See the Penlee lifeboat and the Sea King rescue helecopters from RAF Culdrose. Also many events take place throughout the day in the recreation ground and at the harbour head, including the town band. A fun day for all.

Porthleven Lifeboat Day 2006


Porthleven In Cornwall News and Events

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