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Porthleven in Cornwall - a guide to its accommodation and attractions

Kerrier District Council Monthly Report

Kerrier Concillor Jane Acton - report for January 2007 (Click on any page to enlarge):

Porthleven Town Council

Here the latest Porthleven Town Council newsletter produced in March 2007 which is printed on 2 pages. Click either image below to enlarge the page to a readable size:

The Bickford-Smith Institute Is The Home Of The Porthleven Town Council

The Bickford-Smith Institute and clock tower in Porthleven  
The Bickford-Smith Institute and clock tower was built in 1882 at a cost of £2000. The building was gifted to Porthleven by William Bickford-Smith of Sithney as a scientific and literary institute including a lending and reference library. The building now houses the Porthleven Town Council and the office of the Town Clerk.
Porthleven Town Council operate from the Bickford-Smith Institute  

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Porthleven in Cornwall - a guide to its accommodation and attractions
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