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Porthleven in Cornwall - Walking the coast path from Porthleven in Cornwall.

Walking The Coast Path From Porthleven

Walking the coast path from Porthleven harbour will quickly reveal spectacular views. Walking the coast path to the east takes you above the sandy beaches. Walking the coast path out of Porthleven in a westerly direction takes you above rock coves and beside farmland. Disused mineworkings and other memorials to past times in Cornwall can be found along the way.
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Pick up the coast path from Mount Pleasant Road, beyond the Ship Inn and head west towards Penzance and Lands End on the western tip of Cornwall. Pass through the gate marked "Wrestling Fields" then onwards towards the memorial to sailors overlooking Mounts Bay. This stretch of coast path offers fantastic views of the bay and the cliffs and rocky coves.

Walking the coast path from Porthleven Walking the coast path from Porthleven takes yoiu past this memorial Memorial to shipwrecks - overlooking Mounts Bay

Walking the coast path from Porthleven to the west the sea and cliffs are on your left and fields to your right. This area is poular with bird watchers, as rare cornish choughs have been sited here near the coast path from Porthleven. Three miles walking from Porthleven along the coast path are the mines and disused engine rooms near Rinsey.

The mines near Rinsey, views from the sea   The old mines on the coast path 3 miles from Porthleven   Disused tin and copper mines near Porthleven  

Continue walking the coast path for a further mile and you descend to the wide sandy beach at Praa Sands.

Mine workings at Trewavas Head Mines in Cornwall produced copper, tin, silver and lead Wheal Prosper Engine House Trewavas Head Mine

Walking the coast path from Porthleven to the south east will take you towards Lizard Point. From the Porthleven Institute follow Cliff Road out of Porthleven to the Penrose Estate gatehouse and Loe Bar

Entrance to Penrose Eastate A flag marks the coast path Coast path on the cliffs near Porthleven

The views from the coast path from Porthleven to Loe Bar are outstanding. You can see right across Mounts Bay in either direction and down the cliffs to the golden beaches and crashing waves.

At Loe Bar you can take a detour into the Penrose Estate for excellent walking through woodlands and parklands. Or, you can continue on the Cornwall coast path to Church Cove, Mullion Cove and the Lizard Peninsula.

Views across Mounts Bay in Cornwall The coast path from Loe Bar to Porthleven in Cornwall The coast path goes over the cliffs with the beaches below

Go to the history of Porthleven for information about how shipwrecks along this coastline resulted in it's development into the place we know and love today.

To plan your visit please go to our internet links for useful information.

Porthleven from the coast path In the centre of Mounts Bay Cornwall lies Porthleven

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