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Porthleven in Cornwall - Porthleven Harbour in Cornwall.

Porthleven Harbour In Cornwall - Unspoilt Fishing Harbour

Porthleven harbour in Cornwall is the most southerly port in England. It is also unusual the mouth of Porthleven harbour faces directly to the south west and some of the strongest gales. This is because Porthleven harbour was developed in the early 19th century as a safe harbour for ships caught in stormy seas. Soon after the initial construction the inner harbour was created to give further protection for boats from the fiercest storms. Today the importance of the Port has diminished but local fishing boats, leisure boats, angling and coastal trips operate from Porthleven harbour.

The original historic harbour took 14 years to build, being completed in 1825. This was after and act of parliament to construct the most southerly port in Britain in Mounts Bay, Cornwall and lead to the birth of Porthleven as we see it today. The inner harbour walls were built in 1858 to protect the fishing boats during storms. For more information go to history of Porthleven which covers the construction of Porthleven harbour in greater detail.

Porthleven harbour panoramic view

Many people walk in either direction along the coast path from Porthleven. Click on any picture to enlarge:
Canon from the shipwrecked frigate HMS Anson 1807 points across Porthleven harbour in Cornwall Porthleven in Cornwall, the outer harbour Seagull sunbathing at Porthleven harbour

The clocktower of the Bickford Smith Institute overlooks Porthleven harbour and the pier The Ship Inn is the oldest remaining public house in Porthleven The Starfish is available fishing trips and coastal trips from Porthleven harbour

Beside Porthleven harbour are many places for eating and drinking including restaurants, cafes and traditional inns, the oldest being the Ship Inn which is said to be haunted. There are two fish and chip shops and places to buy cornish pasties or Roskilly's ice cream. You can browse in the shops and galleries around Porthleven harbour. Porthleven offers holiday accommodation near the harbour, village and beach. Also many places to visit from Porthleven making this an ideal holiday location.

Outside the Harbour Inn at Porthleven in Cornwall On Porthleven harbourside, Nauti But Ice sells Roskilly's Ice cream The entrance to the inner harbour at Porthleven

Go to history of Porthleven for more information about Porthleven harbour and how it developed into the place we know and love today.

To plan your visit please go to our internet links for useful information.

Porthleven harbour viewed from the Pier Two cannon from the shipwrecked HMS Anson mark the entrance to Porthleven harbour Boats moored in Porthleven harbour

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